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A 36 in. Restricted Class Sharpie

:lling by tube left
sharpie kits I naturally became increasingly keen on model yachts and read everything I could lay hands
position was soon reached when I had to decide whether to build exactly to the kit instructions and go
regard this, my first yacht, in the light of a trainer and sacrifice a little in performance for the sake of a
account portability and mobility, therefore I rigged the yacht in accordance with the details outlined in Build Tourwlf a Model Yacht by Daniels and Tucker (Percival Marshall & Co., sas. 6d.). This plus a modified boom attachment for the foot of the
standing rigging, roll up the sails and be away fr the pond in a matter of minutes. ~ '" '

warding-off stick. Who "»(iced"would di going sailing wiilinui it"- " i-rew " ? The hull
til il
f the lead weight to ience of a friend of f these kits the fixing
the fin. P mine who had als
method as detailed in Fig. i was adopted really did pull the two halves tight up to the fin. The surfaces of the lead and the fin had liberal coats of white lead, the last coat being wet when the weights were bolted up. The counterbores for the fixing bolts were undercut with an £ in. chisel to form a good key for the lead filling. The coat was then set
aside &.__,.
As I had heard it mentioned that boats i hatches had been known to split like a che; he hot sun I decided that a hatch w

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